5 things to do in Ibiza

Ibiza is definitely the paradise within the Mediterranean, with more than 210 kilometers of beaches (some of the best in Spain) and almost 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, delicious coves with turquoise waters, natural parks and spectacular cliffs. Will you need something more for a perfect vacation? There is really a lot to see in Ibiza, so that it is ideal to overlook two or three days, several months or discussion if all life.

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At a place like Ibiza, there are thousands of activities in touch with nature that you can try, but always endeavor to respect the environment to make certain that others can buy it in the same state wherein you found it. Moreover, a number of activities to do in Ibiza which we offer to you that're for free, so as well as enjoying your time, you certainly will look after your pocket.

Don't miss Dalt Vila

The walled place of Dalt Vila, ought to be among the list of mandatory points for most visitors to Ibiza, ready for its impressive walls and also the beauty and tranquility of walking through its ancient cobblestone streets. But you can use a whole lot more than strolling within the streets of Old Ibiza, like visiting the Cathedral of Ibiza, approaching the Cathedral's viewpoint, eating on some of the terraces including that has a few drinks. However, the slopes slopes clarifies that it's a little bit of difficult travel for the day in the most well liked months, a variety of choose to go to it during the night, with a very different atmosphere.
Visiting Dalt Vila is recommended not just in get the hang of a bit of the historical past of Ibiza, but also to enjoy an unparalleled tour. The views change completely nighttime and daytime, so we recommend visiting at different times of this day. If you happen to love the beaches, Dalt Vila is just about the things that can be done in Ibiza when it rains or when when real is cloudy.

Sailing in your Pitiusas

The ferry just isn't the only method to travelto Formentera: in minutes you can have a rental boat and travel with your friends to this island ... or if you enjoy you can spend the day in s'Espalmador, during the Salinas or bathing inside your beach favorite of Ibiza. Obviously, if you do not possess permission to carry a spead boat, do not: you should also travel having a skipper on board.
If you happen to travel as family members, with friends or prefer to surprise your husband or wife rent a boat or a sailboat in Ibiza, this option is wonderful and much cheaper than you imagine. If you're already dreaming about navigating on the waters of Ibiza, you'll want to hire a spead boat rental agency in Ibiza and book your charter.

Go to Es Vedrà

Surely the islet of Es Vedrà is about the most famous images of Ibiza. With almost 400 meters of height that rise almost vertically from the sea, the magic of Es Vedrà captivates dozens of who observe it. And it's not only a space for tourists: many Ibizans need to visit the island from time to time to feel protected by the energy emanating from this this particular point.
The spot is plenty of incomparable beauty, it has an unique natural environment with a enormous amount of pine forests. Furthermore, there are additional activities in the region, just like visiting the village of Es Cubells or bathing within the beach of Cala d'Hort.

Explore thecave paintings in Ses Fontanelles

Near Sant Antoni find the cave of Ses Fontanelles known to its the number of anciente cave paintings. It can be found between sa Rorada and Cap Nono and its accessed from Cala Salada. Based on the French archaeologist Henri Breuil, who discovered the paintings in 1917, they were made in the Bronze Age (1,000 BC). The excursion to Ses Fontanelles we can experience the cliffs in the north coast within the island. Among the numerous tours to do in Ibiza if you are planning to combine nature and archeology.

Have a mud bath

By far the most attractive things you're able to do for that beach tourist in Ibiza and Formentera is for taking a mud bath in Ibiza knowning that that there is amazingly little information are definitely the places where one can also enjoy a bath of natural mud. A much free activity that might be enjoyed in numerous beaches of Ibiza understanding that besides fun, is effective for the skin.

And, finally, bear in mind to enjoy the gastronomy within the White Island as well as wines. The most suitable night we leave for another day, mainly because it gives plenty of itself.

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